Zee Bangla Website Hacked- Say No to Mirakkel

The websites of popular tv  channel networks Zee-Bangla, Zee-Cinema and Zee-Tv has been hacked in response to the mockery of them against Bangladesh Cricket Team. Bangladesh hackers group ‘Force x’ has done this on Sunday at midnight. After hacking them they wrote ,’Say no to Mirakkel’.

The hacker Team Haxorsitz published a photo of the host of Mirakkel and put a cross sign on it.

“shame on Mirakkel loosers. We are proud of our cricketers. Bustard Jameel , u don’t come to Bangladesh any more. You stay in India, stay there for India. We Bangladeshi people don’t want to see you again,” said by the hackers. Those tv channels were found hacked even at 9 am on Monday.

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Reporter: Mizan Rahman