BCB so close to own their first stadium ever

Cox's Bazar Cricket StadiumBangladesh Cricket Board till now does not have a stadium of their own. This is a bit of a surprise that, after so many years of Bangladesh being one of the test playing nations it’s board does not own a stadium. There is a possibility arose that the cricket board might finally have a stadium in Cox’s Bazar. The Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has already ordered to allot land to BCB in Cox’s Bazar Golf Course. The work has already been started by BCB to make it prepared aiming at arranging the t-20 world cup of women in 2014. [Read Also: One of the most beautiful stadiums in the world ?]

Although the Prime Minister gave order to allot land to BCB , there is a sort of uncertainty that the land will owned by BCB. Since the district committee can’t register any national asset to the federation  the stadium will be registered to the National Sports Council. BCB will have the stadium if only the National Sports Council shows enough magnanimity to give the stadium to BCB. So then, its only up to NNC. The Chairman of the BCB Grounds Committee will Lokman Hossain proclaimed that, whereas the Prime Minster herself had given order and as the stadium will be financed by BCB there is no way that NNC won’t give the land.

The Bangladesh Cricket Board has been in so much pressure these days as International Cricket Council (ICC) is not satisfied about the Bangladesh’s preparation of the world cup t-20 in 2014. They are also thinking about alternative venue to arrange the tournament. The dissatisfaction of ICC was only because of the lack of acceleration in preparing the Sylhet Stadium. More than one sources ensured that, the sloth speed in preparing the stadium was because of the rage of NNC officials and the sports Minister Ahad Ali Sarkar on the BCB officials as BCB didn’t accept their offer of constructing the stadium in NNC’s money.

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Those uncertainties are quite removed now ,as preparation of the Sylhet Stadium is getting along in full speed and hopefully it will be prepared by October before ICC officials will come here to check out the final preparation.