BPL Fixing report not yet prapared

Bangladesh Cricket Board President is now in London along with the acting Executive officer Nizamuddin Chowdhury to attend ICC Annual Meeting. There are lots of staffs to be discussed which are related to Bangladesh cricket. Many people thought along with the discussions about Bangladesh cricket, there was a chance of getting the report of BPL fixing scandal from International Anti Corruption & Security Unit (ACSU).

But it turns out that, there is very much insignificant chance of happening that. A reliable source has informed that, the chance of handing over the report is not so much. ACSU not yet finished preparing the report. Although they finished up the ‘Bangladesh part’ of the report since they had come over here couple of times in three months they are yet to talk with many others outside Bangladesh. The reason of the delay is kind of like that.

The officials of BCB who are in London were sort of given the indication by ACSU of giving the report yet. Although the final report is not going to be handed over BCB officials will sit in separate meetings with the ACSU and the ICC officials. ACSU might give a official statement behind not to hand over the report by now. In the ICC Annual Meeting the corruption staffs in cricket is going to be discussed too.

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