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Mohammad Ashraful: The greatest waste of the greatest talent?

This Indian subcontinent has been blessed with many ‘little masters’ of cricket. Their tiny body could not be the obstacle for them to touch the zenith of success. They sent a message to the monstrous tall bowlers that; they might be the Gulliver of the cricket world but it doesn’t really matter while there is ample batting proficiency involved. The title ‘little master’ was basically ‘inaugurated’ by the great Pakistani batsman Hanif Mohammad. Then Sunil Gavaskar, an Indian cricket great just ornamented the title more. Afterwards Sachin Tendulkar, the most familiar among those who were entitled with this title not only put his signature of greatness in cricket but also took cricket at a different level. His advent has just started up a new era of cricket no one would have ever imagined before. Although with very insignificant sound, there was also a name from Bangladesh, too. There is no need for a Bangladeshi cricket fan to imply his name.

Brilliant Ashraful
Mohammad Ashraful is one of the greatest wonders in terms of talent and skill and also in terms of the mistreatment of his talent as well. Sunil Gavaskar once said the sub-continent has produced two greatest talents of the world cricket, but ironically these two are not even in the list of the top batsmen. One of the two names that he mentioned was of Ashraful. Not only Gavaskar, whoever has watched his batting ‘in his day’ was bound to say this lad was something. Whether it might be his debut test century against Srilanka, the match winning century against Australia ,the knock of 158 not out against India or it might be the match winning half century against West –Indies in ICC t-20 world cup. After watching his innings of 158 not out another great of Indian cricket, Sourav Ganguly described it as one of the best innings he had ever watched. While Ashraful made century in his debut innings as the youngest one ever there was huge amount of hype in Bangladesh and international media as well. Everyone started to believe that the subcontinent is going to produce another batting genius after Sachin Tendulkar or Sunil Gavaskar. After about 12 years of his debut, watching the average of around 23 the ‘cricket-god’ might silently jeer at them and say how fool they were.
Throughout the career Ashraful has always been questioned for one thing, that is consistency. This has almost turned into a joke. Many cricket lovers from Bangladesh say prank fully that, Ashraful goes for hibernation if he scores a century in a match. Although this is a joke sighs of lots of people were involved in this. After BPL has started for the first time Ashraful scored the 2nd highest runs in the tournament which was a kind of surprise for the people ,because this was against his ‘ideology’ of not being consistent. He also scored some consistent runs In the Premier Division Cricket League of Bangladesh as well in the year. Above all those, while he scored a 191 knock in Srilanka tour building a record partnership along with Mushfiquer Rahim and also played some consistent knocks , the cricket lovers of Bangladesh started to believe a new and matured Ashraful might going to be emerged for which they had been desired for years. But again, the’ cricket god’ mocked at them. Ashraful is suspected to be guilty to fix a match or two in BPL 2. This has been undergoing a huge investigation. There is kind of a strong probability that ‘Ash’ is going to be proved alleged and if so, this may  bring up the punctuation sign in Ashraful’s career.

Written by Mizan Rahman

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