Ashraful's bank account seized

Mohammad Ashraful Spot Fixing scandalOnce the shining cricketer of Bangladesh Mohammad Ashraful caved his image after being trapped in the spot fixing scandal. [Read Also: Mushfiqur Rahim to stay as captain!]

The former captain of Bangladesh Mohammad Ashraful fell from the grace and his luck has been hanging in the balance with possibility of even landing in jail even though there are no law on the spot fixing in the country.

But one thing is completely sure that Ashraful’s cricketing is punished as Ashraful would be able to clear his name following his own admission to the spot-fixing crime.

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After the crimes  in the spot-fixing scandal and transaction of money, the NBR (National Board of Revenue) has decided to seize all the bank accounts of the Bangladesh Cricketer Mohammad Ashraful.

The decision has been taken as per special section of the Income Tax Ordinance.

Legal income of Mohammad Ashraful is around  1.5 crore per year from his restaurant and the Banasree residence. But National Board of Revenue(NBR) officials think that Ashraful’s actual income could be much higher that that he has mentioned in his income tax return as he was also involved in the  match-fixing scandal and illegal transaction of money through betting.

Because the betters  had already paid him handsomely increasing his actual and illegal earnings he received through cheques. So, NBR is estimating that he could have bought lands by  hiding his identity around the capital city or he would have any secret bank accounts in foreign as well which is under perscrutation by NBR detectives.Ashrafl Spot Fixing

For this, the NBR has already asked its associated revenue zone to proved the revenue related documents of Mohammad Ashraful. Any sort of the differences in his tax return and transaction details could force the NBR authorities to ask him to detect irregularities.

Mohammad Ashraful told on accounts seized issue, ‘Various media journalists have already contacted me for remarks on this matter. But yet I didn’t get any notice from NBR.’

bang off the richest cricketer of the Bangladesh is World no one all rounder Sakib Al Hasan through his legal income. So NBR has decided to check the bank accounts and Income Tax return of Shakib along with his some other teammates to keep under scanner of their income, expenses and deposits in the banks.