BCB president to give the final chance to Franchisees

bcb president Papon at The Launching Ceremony of www.bcu-sa.com Bangladesh Cricket Board is undergoing very much hectic situation regarding BPL for many days. Things like the fixing scandal, players not getting money; international pressure to compensate the money of the players had put a big question mark before BCB ,’why the hell BPL is needed?’ Recently BCB has sent a legal notice to the 7 franchisees as well as to the event management Game On sports. But it seems like this did not have any effect on them at all. So now, BCB has to find out the new way or just simply postponing the contract with them.

Although by rule the contract had to be postponed many days before as by the condition of the contract franchisees should have paid 25% of the money before the tournament, 50% during the tournament and the remaining 25% should be paid by 45 days after the tournament ends. BCB owes almost 6 million dollar from the franchisees. Only Rangpur Riders had paid 80 lakh taka but others did not pay anything. Additionally, there is also the payment of the players which is due too. Only the Dhaka Gladiators and Duronto Rajshahi has given 50% of the money as the player’s payment other teams didn’t even do it.

Finally after not getting sufficient response even after sending the legal notice BCB is thinking differently now. The BCB president is going to sit for a trilateral meeting with the Game On and the franchisees. The president of the BPL Governing Council Afzalur Rahman Sinha stated that, “Board president is going to sit in a meeting with the franchisees and the Game On regarding solving the problem of BPL Money payment. In this trilateral meeting he will try to find out the possible solutions to collect the money from the franchisees as well as from the Game On.”  He also added that if this time any efficient response is not found the contract will be postponed.

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