I have to perform well to be in the team- Elias Sunny

Elias Sunny with Man of the match trophy against Irish in 2012Bangladesh spinner Elias Sunny marked his footprint in international cricket with remarkable performances both in test and T20 cricket; grabbing more than 5 wickets in debut matches both in the longest and shortest version of the game. He could be an essential member but in a span of 2 years he is now fighting for his position in the team. Sunny told to the dhakatimes exclusively about his condition:

Question: You made record performances in your debut matches both in test & T20. Now you are in trouble to get back to the team; where is the problem actually?

Elias Sunny: To be honest, I’m not at all satisfied with my performances in some of the series specially ODIs’ which I played. It is indeed normal to get ups and downs in international performances. I’m just going through bad times, there’s nothing else.

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Question: Why have you failed to maintain your initial performances?

Elias: International cricket is a very tough job. By the time I got into the field, I just realized how hard it is to maintain a regular performance & it is the reality that when a player cannot perform he has no position in the team.

Question: Tell us something about the beginning of your career; you were a consistent performer but couldn’t got chances anywhere… did it frustrating?

Elias: Yeah it was frustrating indeed… I became depressed at that period. I performed consistently for several years but couldn’t find opportunities anywhere; I thought that selectors deliberately ignored me. But at a time I realized that it was also good for me because international cricket is very tough. It is good for any player to gain experience in domestic cricket in order to survive in international arena. Perhaps at that period I couldn’t cope with it properly. But in the mean time I’ve learned a lot. I will do better than before if I’ll find another chance now.

Question: Are you trying something different in your bowling now?

Elias: Actually accuracy is better than improvisation… I’m trying to be more accurate in my bowling.

Question: There are more left handed spinners now in the team than earlier. Do you think it makes harder for you to get back in the team?

Elias: Well, when I started playing 7-8 years ago there were not many left handed spinners like now.Elias Sunny picked up 6 wickets on debut against West Indies in 2011 Now a days the situation has changed a lot, the number of left handed spinners make it more competitive to get a chance in the team. It is good for the country’s cricket. Shakib and Razzak bhai are world class performers. But all these things don’t matter really when one can perform. If I can do well it isn’t any problem how many spinners are there. I have to do good performances to get back in the team & I’m trying for that.

Question: You are quite serious in your batting now……

Elias: I’ve scored a lot of runs in domestic cricket but haven’t yet found too many chances as a batsman in the national team. I’m working hard for my batting as well as my bowling. There is a tour of ‘A’ team shortly; if I will get chance I want to get good scores in batting. If I can do so it will be better for me.

Question: Have you have any specific target in batting?

Elias: I’m a tail-ender batsman. I want to score consistently in the lower order. If I can do it is beneficial for the team also.

Interview taken by dhakatimes24.com. Translated by Abeda Ashraf