Nasir Hossain announcing his appearance on facebook

Nasir Hossain on facebookThere is great news for Nasir Hossain’s fans. Nasir Hossain officially has joined facebook in 2013. A facebook fan page has been inaugurated of Nasir Hossain where all the latest news of Nasir Hossain is going to regularly be posted by admins. [Watch Also ভিডিও ক্লিপঃ ফ্যানদের উদ্দেশ্যে মাশরাফির ম্যাসেজ]

Here is a video clip where Nasir Hossain is proclaiming the validness of the fan page and he also requested to his all fans not to use any inappropriate language in the page and asked to support him. The fan page id is

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