Shane Jurgenson's contract has been renewed

Bangladesh Captain chats with head coach Shane Jurgensen
Bangladesh Captain chats with head coach Shane Jurgensen

The Bangladesh Cricket Board has surprisingly prolonged the contract of Shane Jurgensen, the head coach of the Bangladesh cricket. His contract has been renewed for 2015. After the new contract Jorgensen has already shifted his house for long time residency. He has briefed with the journalists about his new contract as well as about the current scenario of the Bangladesh cricket yesterday.

Jurgensen is now aiming at the 2015 world cup. For this, he is emphasizing more on improving the fitness of the cricketers. He thinks, to be fit is one of the most important condition to linger in the international cricket. In this year’s conditioning camp there was much emphasize on the player’s fitness training than the skill training. He stated, “Fitness is very much important. It’s so tough to exist in the international cricket without being fit. This year much work was done on this. it seems like, players are getting realized about the importance of fitness like the coaching staffs.” The players who are not in the conditioning camp are also taking care of their fitness. “I had a talk with Shakib recently. He had even got admitted in the gym in America. I saw Tamim in lose his weight pretty much. What I heard from him was, he went to the Chittagong club gym regularly even in the hazard of marriage. These are pretty good news. Cricketers are getting more conscious about the fitness.”

Jorgensen is not happy about the number of matches played before the New-Zealand series. He said, ‘Although we have played couple of practice a matches I thought it would better the players could play in the Dhaka Premier League or any competitive match.” He also talked about the good performances of the couple of new players. But he was not so much excited about those as he wants to see the consistency in the players. “ Liton played well. he should be given much more chances to play these type of matches. Imrul Kayes had a fifty. Let’s see whether he can retain this performance in the future. I liked the bowling of Alauddin Babu. Although not so much express he has got the accuracy like McGrath. If there is a big camps  good  things like those can be seen.’ Jurgensen said.

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He talked about Mashrafe too. “I am surprised to see the improvement of Mashrafe. He has lose weight, increased the alacrity. I am sure he will be fit by October. I can’t really comment about the test now.”