The Dhaka Premier League not going to start before October

Dhaka Premier League was to take place on March. The last date that was fixed showing causes one after one was 25th July and finally 29th August. 2012-13 season is going to be finished by the month of June. So , whenever the league starts from now on it is going to be 2013-14 season .so, it’s not so hard to say, the 2012-13 has been finished without any league.

14th July on in the evening in a meeting of the Premier League teams, they were unanimous upon that they are going to request to Cricket Committee of Dhaka Metropolis (CCDM) to start up the transfer procedure from the beginning of the first week. And they also will request to start up in accordance with the international calendar. Therefore, what it stands for is, the league is not going to start up before August. The president of the Dhaka Premier League Club Committee Monjur Kader Chowdhury explained the reason behind taking this kind of stand, “ firstly it’s the rainy season ,it’s so tough to run the league this season. Moreover , to prepare for the transfer procedure during Ramadan is tough too. The most important thing is like; we have to depend a lot on the sponsors for money. The sponsors might have problem before the Eid. So, keeping all those things in head we think, clubs think to start up the league after September is the best option.”

Monjur also talked about the donation which had been an important issue in Bangladesh cricket in recent couple of days. ‘We didn’t demand money for the sake of any individual , we just wants it for the welfare of Bangladesh cricket. Now its up to the board president whether he will give it or not. We are not going to talk about this anymore.” Monjur said. All the teams of 12 were more or less agreed upon the subject. Since the top officials were outside the country they didn’t have any representatives.

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