The tour will be challenging- Jahurul Islam

Jahurul IslamThe Bangladesh Cricket Board have selected Mohammad Jahurul Islam as a captain of Bangladesh A Team for the tour of England 2013. Bangladesh A Team will leave Dhaka on 3rd August for the tour. Jahurul, Captain of Bangladesh A Team has said in an interview that the tour will be challenging for them as they have to face strong team as well as tough condition.

Question: How do you feel as a captain of this team? It is indeed almost a national team as the ‘A’ team going to England.

Jahurul Islam: Actually I’m not thinking much about captaincy. I’m preparing myself as a batsman but it is rather easy to lead such teams because everyone is quite experienced. They help me whenever it is necessary.

Question: English condition is always difficult for the subcontinent players. How much challenging it will be for this team?

Jahurul: Generally wickets are flat in this season over there. But I think It will probably manage some bounce & movements for us. So it is not going to be easy. In their last tour here, England Lions lost the ODI series and made the T20s’ draw, now they will surely try to take revenge.

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Question: You will play five preparation matches against the county teams before meeting England Lions.

Jahurul: Yeah, every team is good & they are all among matches. I went there before. In my experience, I can say that there are not many differences between the county teams and England ‘A’ team.

Question: Then what is your target in this series?

Jahurul: Of course, the aim is to win the series against Lions. But we are taking this series as a learning process. Those who will do well in that condition surely gain a lot of confidence. This tour can be a turning point for some of us as the New Zealand series is coming. Players who will do better in England can be an automatic choice for the upcoming tour.

Question: What is strength and weakness in the team?

Jahurul: I’m quite satisfied with the bowling. But batsmen couldn’t do sufficient practices due to rain & hartal. There was not much skill training in spite of long fitness sessions. We expected that we could play more preparation matches but the matches are abandoned (today & 1st of August) due to construction in the field.

Question: …then there is some lacking in the preparation..

Jahurul: I think it will be okay over there. It is primarily a matter of adjustment. It is seen that even some good players also cannot cope with the conditions. The first two matches will be vital, if we will do well in that we can probably run the consistency.

Question: What is your personal target?

Jahurul: I want to do big scores, for some days I can’t run the consistency in my batting.

Question: How is the condition of some senior players who are now out of the national team? How do they take the series?

Jahurul: Everyone is very serious… Imrul, Nayeem. it’s me also. We are all expecting to do well in this tour. We know it’ll be easier for us to get a chance in the national team against New Zealand if will do better in this series. So we are ready to take the challenge.