Video Clip: Funny finish by Nasir Hossain and Elias Sunny

CRICKET-BAN-WISBangladesh had to wait a lot for their first ever series win against any big side. That was against West Indies right after the Asia Cup 2012 which was a sort of regretting for the Bangladesh fans. But this was the series which came up with all the happiness in the world for the fans of Bangladesh cricket. As god loves mystery he didn’t let the very much blessed series for Bangladesh ‘drama less’. There was hint of drama in the match winning ball for Bangladesh while Bangladesh needed only one run. As you can see in the video, Nasir Hossain hit the ball and started for the run. His partner in the other end Ilias Suny also started for the run but showing enough of stupidity stopped running in the middle of the crease thinking that was four. Players came out to the field, they started celebrating . The fans were celebrating; even the honorable Prime Minister of Bangladesh also started celebrating in the stand with the national flag of Bangladesh. But all had to wait a bit more. Again the ball was bowled, this time no running was actually needed as the ball went to the boundary. This time real celebration started. This was nothing but funny mistake, but question arises obviously how come an international player can do such a stupid thing. [Watch Also: Video Clip: A sorrowful moment in World Cricket history]

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