Video Clip: Monstrous Pollard and little Nasir having a bit of ‘mind game’

Pollard asking Nasir Hossain to hit sixHere in the video clip a sweet little chat was going on between Bangladesh Mr. consistent Nasir Hossain and Kieron Pollard. Nasir Hossain eventually faced a flighted full toss delivery and he just lightly drove it to the hands of the bowler. Pollard making a quite a bit fun of that suggesting this was the ball to be sent out of the park and he showing his monstrous muscle was saying that he would have sent it miles. Nasir was also smart enough pointing out his muscle and replied I don’t have the giant like muscle like you. Check out the smart little mind game between these two. [Watch Also: Video Clip: Mash smashed Hashim Amla!]

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