Waiting for the ACSU result?

International Cricket Council's ACSURepresentatives of International Cricket Council’s Anti Corruption and Security Unit (ACSU) left Dhaka yesterday after some ‘final investigations’. It seems that Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) is roughly ignorant about their activities in Dhaka- with whom they had discussions or who had been interrogated by them during this period.

Some of the officials of BCB told that they have not at all any information about it. In some of the earlier cases AACSU took help of Bangladesh Rapid Action Battalion (RAB), but in this occasion they didn’t meet with them either.

It is now totally obscure about the movement of the investigating team from ICC. Some people of cricket arena informed that AACSU had a conversation with veteran spinner Mohammad Rafique; & they also met with the umpires and officials of three suspected matches. It is known or not that Mohammad Ashraful told in his acknowledgement to AACSU that the assistant coach of Dhaka Gladiators, legendary spinner Rafique knew the information of spot fixing.

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Though Mohammad Rafique deny the above allegations against him, it is not known till now whether investigators talk with him or not as his phone is switched off. Some of senior umpires have told that investigators did not talk with any umpires of suspected matches.

Whatever it may be Bangladesh Cricket Board confirmed that ACSU have completed their investigations so far, and they are hoping that the end result may be revealed in first week of August this year.

Staff Reporter: Abeda Ashraf