ACSU report revealed today, 9 people engaged

ICC and BCB Meeting at DhakaThe much waited joint press conference of ICC and BCB has just completed The Radisson Blu Water Garden Hotel Dhaka a little while ago. BCB Chief Executive Mr. Dev Richardson opened up the proceedings saying that today he will not going to disclose the names of the members who have found guilty to avoid speculations. He also said that Bangladesh Cricket Board will form a tribunal consisting of 3 members who will ultimately decide the punishment who have found guilty. Before the hearing will be completed no names therefore will be revealed. [Watch Video Clip: Ashraful wants to come back]

BCB President Nazmul Hassan: “The BCB is committed to a zero-tolerance approach towards corruption in the sport and has demonstrated its resolve to deal robustly with such matters by engaging the services of the ICC and its ACSU.”

But the ICC and BCB emphasized the importance of recognizing that all those charged remain innocent until proved guilty. Of the nine individuals, seven have been charged for fixing-related offenses, with two others charged for failing to comply with their obligation to report corrupt approaches that were made to them

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BCB will form a tribunal headed by a former justice of Bangladesh, other members will be a former cricketer and a social personality. Answering the questions Mr. Dev has said that it will take several months to complete the total procedure. The persons who have been accused by ACSU will receive opportunities to defend him during the hearing.

As the Chief Executive of ICC has been asked so many questions about star Bangladeshi Mohammad Ashraful’s accusation in match fixing scandal, Dev said that it will be the Bangladesh Cricket Board who will decide the punishment level for Ash. Ashraful acknowledged his fault to the investigators and also to the media- when journalists have asked whether this fact will be considered to minimize his punishment, Mr. Dev remarked that it will up to the tribunal to consider the matter. ICC is going to handover its findings to the tribunal.

About punishment the Chief Executive said, “Those who will be found guilty of direct misconduct will be suspended for 5 years to life time sentence according to the article 5 of anti corruption section of BCB. And those who will found guilty of tolerating silently of watching the misconduct will be suspended for 1 year to 5 years.”

Those who have been accused of misconduct will have to appeal within 14 days of forming the tribunal.

Another significant matter that Mr. Richardson has disclosed that all those 9 persons who have been accused are not players.

BCB President said, “We will not disclose the names of the persons guilty unless that is proven.” “We will not tell you anymore on this particular issue after today. It is the first and final”.