Ashraful off to the Hajj this season

Ashraful off to HajjThe fallen star of Bangladesh cricket Mohammad Ashraful is now out of the sight. Nobody can specifically tell where he is. Ashraful’s father Abdul Motin said that perhaps he is in Cox’s Bazar but several of his close friends informed that he might be in Cumilla. There’s no way to contact with him as his cell phone found switched off.

Ashraful’s elder brother Moshtak confirmed about his staying in England, it’s a matter of secret and no one knows it except him.

Moshtaq also told that Ashraful will be back from England in the 2nd of September and after it he will be off to perform the holy ‘Hajj’ this year. All the arrangements have been taken also.

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 The anti corruption tribunal headed by the Chief Justice Mahmudul Amin is going to start its procedure in the mean time. Ashraful has no scope to appeal as he already confessed. He can do so after the verdict will be given. An English lawyer has been appointed by him in this regard.

International Cricket Council advised Ashraful to appoint a foreign lawyer. His brother acknowledged the matter also, “ICC said him to appoint an international lawyer. So he appointed Yeasin Patel”- who was also the lawyer of Salman butt, another accused of fixing scandals from Pakistan.