Ashraful's fate hangs in

Ultimately no final decision melancholy Ashrafulhas arrived in Dhaka. ICC officials have only revealed the number of accused in ACSU report. Though everyone was eagerly waiting to know about the fate of Mohammad Ashraful but nothing came in view and the cricket fate of Ash is still hanging out there.

As the star batsman acknowledged his fault to the investigators it is almost certain that he is one of the nine persons accused of misconduct. It is now up to the revelation that what the term of punishment for him is. Ash informed earlier that he wants to come back and other legal procedures are to be taken on knowing the final decision. [Watch Video Clip: Ashraful wants to come back]

Now he has to wait until the formation of the tribunal by BCB. In the joint press briefing with ICC official, BCB president said. “The tribunal will be formed within two or three days. Seven persons have alleged of direct misconduct out of nine accused. Those who will be proved to have direct involvement in fixing must be banned from all sorts of cricket and cricketing activities of ICC, & BCB.”

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ICC chief executive Mr. Richardson earlier said, “Persons prove to be guilty will not be spared. There are similar mode of punishments for players, coaches and franchises.”

BCB president said, “BCB will take steps against any sorts of misconduct by players, broadcasters, spectators or organizers in order to protect the honesty of cricket in Bangladesh”.