BPL due still remains

Bangladesh Premier League LogoNo matter what BCB President Mr. Nazmul Hasan said, the issue of paying the last BPL’s due amount to the players is still uncertain without any further improvement of the condition. The statement of BPL governing body Chairman Afzalur Rahman Sinha or that of member secretary I H Mollick has all gone in vain. Franchises seem to have no willingness to clear the payment.

It was said earlier that BCB would manage to give at least 25% of the total payment. Yesterday 10-12 of the local cricketers took 25% of the payment from BCB office. But this number is very small as there are hundreds more left in the sight. Today is the last working day before Eid Ul Fitre. Will BCB pay to the rest of them within a day?

But the answer is frantically no; there is no possibility of this. “We will pay 25% of the money to rest of the local cricketers after 5 to 7 days of Eid”- claimed Mr. I H Mollick, member secretary of BPL. So it is now evident that the decision of the board meeting has ended in futile.

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But why- the member secretary of BPL explained that they cannot be able to pay the money due to non-cooperation of franchises. They do not have all the information about the residue- the amount of each and every cricketer of the team, the amount of money paid in the first installment to every player, the amount in contract with the players who were included in the team after the auction had done.

Mr. Mollick said, “Our fund is ready for payment. We have ensured that we have adequate money to pay 25% of the total payment of every cricketer in a team. But franchises are not coming to a settlement with us about this. Only Rajshahi and Rangpur have given their accounts. There are five more to submit.” “We do not know the amount of 25% for every cricketer. Moreover some of the teams paid advances to several players. We have to know that amount before paying. We are hoping that we will be able to pay to the rest after Eid”- added Mr. Mollick.

Here the question remains- will franchises provide their accounts after Eid? If they will not than what will happen? Perhaps this hassle will be continued until another BPL would knock on the door.