Clubs try to resist forum

Club owners at press breifingClub representatives I I H Mollick of Abahoni and Lokman Hossain Bhuiyan of Mohammedan replied to the criticisms of forum in an informal press briefing today (Sunday). Forum members delivered strong criticizing words towards the Board President Mr. Nazmul Hasan Papon yesterday (Saturday). They made definite complaints which included scattering money in the upcoming election of BCB, corruption and abusing power by making influence from the Prime Minister’s office.

Forum chairman claimed Nazmul Hasan as an inexperienced chief of the Cricket Board who has been the chairman of the popular club Abahoni for eight consecutive years.

Mr. Mollick told journalists that in the last general meeting (EGM) of BCB forum members dominated throughout the proceeding; they passed the orgnanogram of players rejecting the councillorship by the force of their 71 member votes. Since then all the clubs jointly took initiative to check the forum.

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Club representatives said it is time to take strong measures against the forum. ‘We play not only cricket but also football and hockey. It is just the start. We will be in the same position in the upcoming federation elections also. We will resist them’. ‘Yesterday they made some bad remarks, if they will not stop these things then we will not allow them to do anything in the capital city under their banner’- they said.

I I H Mollick told that it is not at all important for Mr. Nazmul Hasan to receive support of the forum because he already gained support from forty clubs and from district administrators. “Their intention is to manipulate election proceedings. The complaints which they have made of influencing district administrators from the prime minister’s office are nothing but deliberate lies. We have searched it out, there is nothing like that”- he said.

About the criticism of corruption he informed, “The permission of purchasing materials for construction work of Fotulla and BKSP had been given by the previous board; it is not done by the Ad-hoc committee. And a tender has been invited for the construction work of Cox’s Bazar. Mr. Azam Nasir is appointed to maintain the process; it doesn’t mean that he got the work.”

Mohammedan representative Lokman Hossain Bhuiyan echoed the above saying that the sporting arena has to be saved from the aggression of forum.