Dhaka Clubs versus Whole country?

BCB presidentBangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) becomes submerged in the interest of club cricket rather than the interest of country’s cricket as a whole. The malice between clubs of Dhaka city and other district and & divisional sports associations is not any secret at all. But now BCB President himself is showing deliberate partiality to clubs ignoring his position in country’s cricket as the chief person of the Cricket board.

Recently, Mr. Nazmul Hasan delivered a number of dishonoring speeches towards the officials of divisional sports association. During the official photo session of Bangladesh ‘A’ team, the president told about the officials of district sports associations- “Who are they? We will not going to interfere in their election process. What are they doing in our election?” Again he said, “I don’t know what is forum. They have their regulations. I don’t know how will be their election… I know about my BCB. I don’t know how they are interfering with ours. They can’t have any sayings about how we will arrange our election”.

It is indeed true that they cannot say about the election process and BCB president himself also cannot select the election procedure. The election has to be done according to the constitution of BCB and election regulations of NSC (National Sports Council). It is surprising why BCB president do not realize the relationship between the election process of BCB and divisional sports associations.  Mr. Nazmul Hasan is still rests as a guest official in BCB after appointing by the government as the head of temporary committee.

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Cricket organizers throughout the country are very agitated with these sorts of speeches from the BCB president. The representative of Manikgonj district sports association Mr. Dewan Shariful Arefin said, “As a government appointed president he is saying totally unworthy words. It is embarrassing for the government also. He must maintain his neutrality. If he wants to support any of the sides, he should do it after resigning from the presidential post”.
Another former director of BCB Mr. Mahmud Jamal of Rajshahi said. “An intelligent man should not say like that. We are all organizers. Everyone is to be respected in his own position. A responsible person like BCB president cannot do such partiality. He must be neutral”.

Unlike other test playing nations Bangladesh cricket is centralized in the capital city of. There is only representative from each district in the BCB where minor 2nd and 3rd division clubs also have a representative in the board. But they are doing nothing significant other than hampering the domestic cricket schedules for their own interests and grabbing fair amount of monetary help from BCB.

The National Cricket board of a test playing nation is surprisingly polarized in the city club crickets other than thinking about the whole country.