We have lack of quality cricketers: Lipu

The Bangladesh Cricket Board’s Sport Development department’s president, Gazi Ashraf Hossain Lipu, said that there are still deficiencies of quality players in Bangladesh.

Ashraf Hossain LipuA day after the auction held for the Dhaka Premier Division cricket, Lipu made this comment.

On Monday at BCB-Sahara National Cricket Academy in Mirpur, Lipu said, “Yesterday’s (Sunday) auction was a new experience for the clubs. After that one matter was clear, there was still lack of quality players.”

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“The clubs were exhausted after having to select their players at the end of 8th episode of the auctions held. It was not a good news for the country’s cricket.”

The former captain is optimistic that if the plans of the Cricket Development department are successful, then the scene will be different within the next two to three years.

The ad hoc committee’s member Lipu commented about beginning the selection with the “C” category saying, “First of all, the cricket calendar needs to be ‘perfect’. Every year we stumble with the calendar.  This year the National League also had to be postponed. Sometimes because of the clubs, we cannot start our game on time. Last season, new batch could not be bought for the academies because the league started late.”

He also added, “Just as the players’ quality needs to improve, so does the opportunities and advantages of different clubs need to increase. Some of the players from the Under-19 team are playing this time in the league. This is a positive move.”

Despite the Abahani club being considered weak, Lipu is optimistic that they will perform well in the ground. He said, “The Abahani Club is made up of young and talented crickets. Liton, Nafis and Nazim are all high quality batsman. I am also hopeful about Al-Amin and Alauddin.”