Opinion of star cricketers about the grouping of 2015 World Cup

Mushfiqur Rahim: The toughest World Cup ever

I think 2015 will be toughest World Cup for us- said Bangladeshi skipper Mushfiqur Rahim. We are in the group of two host nations New Zealand and Australia. Mushfiqur RahimThe condition will mostly suit to host nations along with England. The conditions of those countries are far more different than that of us. Sri Lanka is somewhat experienced in that condition also. So our preparation for the World Cup will be vital- lots of things depend upon it. But I’m thrilled personally. I have never been to Brisbane, Melbourne and Adelaide. New Zealand is also a very wonderful country & I enjoy playing out there. I have some nice memories to cherish about of our last tour in there. We had well adjusted in that weather and also played well in Hamilton. Playing against two host countries will be a big challenge for us. I think we will get handful of support in the field because there are quite a large number of Bangladeshis living there now.

Mahmudullah Riad: Preparations should be calculated

The World cup is always a tough place to compete where it is bound to be faced strong competitors. Here is nothing to be strong or weak. As the tournament will place in Australia and New Zealand- they are the strongest competitors along with England. The wicket is far more different than we are accustomed of here. Though we are not accustomed with that condition, I don’t think it will be an obstacle. In fact it is the nature of international cricket. One has to play in adverse conditions and if we want to be succeeded we should overcome these hindrances. We have time in our hand, so I think if we will be able to take preparations accordingly we can bring good results.

Mashrafe Bin Mortaza: The group is tough indeed

Pace man Mashrafe admitted that the grouping is quite tough for Bangladesh. To be clustered with host countries in a team is always a matter of pressure. The hosts not only get full support from the spectators but also accustomed with the conditions fully. I think it is not only we, every opponent fear them in their own soil. The English team is also accustomed with the fast and bouncy wickets of that condition. Along with them we will have to face Sri Lanka who has a strong pace attack. So in overall 2015 will be a very challenging World Cup for us. But it is the World Cup- we have to face & we have to win. If we will not do well it means we will be splashed from the group round. If we want to go the quarter finals we will have to defeat at least one team among Australia, New Zealand, England or Sri Lanka, so we have no chance to look back.

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Akram Khan: A very challenging group

It is of no doubt that we are in a very tough group. In that wicket both host countries and England will be very tough opponents. But I wanna think differently. We have two associate members of ICC in our group who are of course weaker in power, so it is an opportunity for us. We will have to win against them anyhow. Australia and New Zealand are strong opponents in their own soil in any considerations. England and Sri Lanka are also better than us but we have no chances to sit back for this. We have to be focused from now on and plan accordingly. We have to find out the ways and means of how to do well in that condition and against those strong opponents. If we will be able to do that righteously it will be better for us.

Habibul Bashar: We have to play good cricket

It seems that Bangladesh is in a very tough group but I can say that other groups are also not easier in any sense. On the other group there are India, Pakistan, West Indies and south Africa- aren’t they strong also? They are similar as our group. In fact every team is strong opponent here except the associate members and Zimbabwe. Yes our group is a little bit tougher in terms of condition. But it is the highest tournament of Cricket, if we want to qualify in the second phase we have to overcome all these obstacles. Playing good cricket is the most important factor here.

Khaled Mahmud: Pacers will have to be successful

We are really in a very strong group. But this is World Cup. Every team wants to show their best performances here. So we have no chances to be in back foot just to watch the grouping. We have to start good planned preparations from now on. To do well in that condition we have to strengthen our pace bowling department. We have to carefully train the pacers about maintaining the line-length including adequate swings in the ball.