Saber Hossain puts fight in BCB election

Saber HossainFormer BCB President and a pioneer to elevate Bangladesh as a test playing nation, Mr. Saber Hossain Chowdhury confirmed that he will participate in the upcoming election of BCB. Yesterday in a press conference held in his residence, Mr. Chowdhury said that it is his ‘moral duty’ to fight for the interest of Cricket in the country.

Saber Hossain said that divisions between clubs and district organizers provoke the fear of losing the achievements of Cricket so far. He said he have decided to fight against all odds as there are rumors that nominations of district councilors might be influenced.

Saber Hossain told that his mission is not only to win the election but also to unite the organizers of club cricket and district level cricket so that the whole country can step forward.

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He requested the administrators not to do any sort of partiality. He announced, ‘if there will be no partial decision making, I will be able to win the election In Sha Allah.’