Sajedul to change by Jurgensen

sajedul IslamThe left-handed pacer Sajedul Islam is working profoundly with the head of national team bowling Coach, Shane Jurgensen.

On Tuesday at BCB-National Cricket Academy Sajedul said, “We are working on our bowling techniques with Shane. Before I would release the bowl from the top, however, he suggested releasing the ball from a bit below”.

“In the past I would not use my ‘non bowling hand’. He brought a little change here, and it seems the speed has increased after that.”

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Sajedul also said he is also focusing on improving his run up and swing.

“From tomorrow (Wednesday) Jurgensen will start working on the run up. We are also working on the swing of the ball. Earlier when I attempted to do in-swing the batsman would be aware of it, however now they will not be able to understand it very easily.

Sajedul believes that the pacers will find success against New Zealand, “The main problem with our pacers is their fitness. This time we have been practicing for a long time. I am optimistic that this time the pacers will do a good job.”

In October, New Zealand will visit Bangladesh to play two tests, three ODI’s and one T-20 match.

At the moment there is no alternative left-handed pacer in the national team. When asked if he is ahead of others in a chance to get in the national team due to the combination, he said, “All the bowlers in the team possess a high quality. There is a possibility for everyone to play. However when you think about the combination of the team, I might be a little ahead.”

In 2008, inducted Sajedul has played three test and one t-20 match. Sajedul did not have his debut in the country’s ground. He wills to play against New Zealand in his own country’s ground.

“After playing in New Zealand, I have played in Zimbabwe at April-May. I haven’t got a chance yet to play in my home ground. I am confident that I will play better here.”

Staff Reporter Taslim Mahbub