Shakib wants a little rest

Batting performance from Shakib Al Hasan was not so favorable in the past few weeks. However, Shakib is not distressed about his batting. The no.1 ODI all-rounder wants to keep him fresh and active for the busy upcoming season, by spending some time away from cricket.

Shakib Al Hasan at CPLT20After returning to Bangladesh on Monday from a busy season at Caribbean Premier League, Shakib said the journalists at Shahjalal International Airport, “I performed well with the bowl at CPL, however, my batting performance was not very notable. But I am not worry about it very much, I don’t have the time too”.

“Just after playing in England, I went to play the CPL. I had to play in a match just after a day since my arrival in West Indies. I did not have the time to adapt to the conditions there. But I do not want to think more about it now. For now it would be good if I stayed away from cricket a few days.”

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Shakib is overwhelmed with the experience he earned from the various domestic leagues. He said, “The grounds and organizers of the tournament were excellent. They have managed to organize the tournament really well. Everything was done with great professionalism. This made everything easy for the players. To me it was a really good experience.”

“My team had some national players from West Indies. I was already familiar with them. This made it easier for me to adapt to the team.”

Shakib was fairly sure that this time in Dhaka Premier Cricket league he would have a new team. In this regard, he said, “I was thinking that this season I would have to play with a team that I was not expecting to play in. I haven’t played in Kalabagan any time before. Anyways, this time I will play there. There is no problem with it.”

“However I did not like this method of player transfer. Previous methods were much better. I do not this this will continue, because many players might not agree to this. This year they accepted it since there were a lot of problems to deal with.”

Shakib, who took the maximum 29 wickets last season,is apprehensive about the payment of the players in this league. He thinks a financial problem similar to BPL might occur. When asked about this matter, Shakib said, “I am not worried, I am fairly sure that it will happen. I have nothing more to say about this matter.”