Uncertainty to host T20 World Cup in Sylhet

Will Sylhet’s dreaSylhet Stadiumm to host the T20 world cup be incomplete? There are yet few incomplete works to be done in the stadium. As far as it progressed, the International Cricket Council (ICC) has expressed their satisfaction about the stadium. However, the Bangladesh Cricket Board has proposed Fatullah stadium in Narayanganj as a main venue in the T20 World Cup 2014. [Watch Video Clip: Shakib treating Shoaib Akhter like a ‘local bowler’]

In addition, the infrastructure construction of the stadium will take some more time to be completed. Due to these reasons, the uncertainty about this stadium was created.

The work of the Sylhet Divisional stadium’s infrastructure development was started late and yet some materials necessary are out of the country. Even some of the equipment required is still in the factory. Thus the uncertainty about the stadium remains indecisive.  The locals remain filled with hope but the uncertainties are still chasing them.

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According to the cricket experts, to bring all the necessary equipment is a matter of long time, which could be difficult to be completed in the next six months. But the ICC satisfactory results can be understood by the coming October.

The stadium representatives have said that 90 percent of the work will be done before the end of October.

However Cricket experts have dismissed thesecomments, saying they are mythical. Sylhet Divisional stadium can take longer than a year to complete. In this situation, Sylhet might not get the opportunity for hosting the T-20 World Cup.

On the other hand, representatives have said that more than half of the work has been finished. They expect the remaining work to be complete by the next two months utmost. They declared that the T-20 World Cup will be hosted in Sylhet.

The General Secretary of the Sylhet divisional Sports Association, ShafiulAlamNadel, informed that the engineers have assured that they will be able to complete the construction work. The speed of their work’s progress indicates that their work will be successfully completed by the assigned time.

It is informed that all the venues of 2014 T-20 World Cup is to be presented by BCB to ICC in 30th September. In this case, will the equipment that is still out of the country arrive on time? And will they be fitted in the proper time? When asked about this matter, the chief engineer in the construction of Sher-e-Bangla stadium, Masud Chowdhury said, “It is possible for the remaining work to be completed by the assigned time. The equipment that will be brought from abroad, have already been given work order a month ago.”

He also added, “For the equipment to arrive in the country, a month or more will be needed. In these time, the installation process of will also be completed. Despite the deadline being at the end of December, we will complete the work in accordance to ICC’s assigned time. However, the volatility of the country and economy might affect the timely construction work. “

Meanwhile, an officer associated with the construction work have informed that electronic scoreboard, player’s individual dressing room and some equipment are yet not in the country.  It is not possible for the installation to be completed by the due date given by ICC, he said.

Abbas Razu, secretary of the Sylhet divisional sports association, have said that by the 10th of October it is possible to complete at least 90 percent of the work.

He expressed hope, and the speed of the construction along with the manner of supervision by the representatives will make it possible for the work to be successfully done by the assigned time.

In the context, 87 crores were assigned last June for an international project to begin in Sylhet. The project is been scheduled to be completed by December.

However, by the 30th of September the stadium needs to be presented by BCB to the ICC. For this reason, the construction is being done even more quickly. Yet, 50 percent of the work is incomplete. According to the rules of ICC, a stadium has to be ready six months before the tournament begins.

Staff Reporter: Taslim Mahbub