Guy Whittall slept with a 2.5m-long crocodile for 8 hours

The 150kg beast hid under Guy Whittall's bed for eight HOURSThe Managing Director of ‘Humani Lodge’, situated several miles away from the Turgwe River in Zimbabwe which is a couple of kilometers from the Lodge- spent a whole night with a 330 pound crocodile under his bed. The 8ft long creature escaped from the river area and took shelter in his room. Thinking who is this person? He is the former all rounder of Zimbabwe Guy Whittall. [Get Champions League T20 2013- Fixtures]

When his maid ran away from his room screaming in terror, Mr. Guy Whittall was preparing for his breakfast in the kitchen. He didn’t even notice the presence of the dreadful creature while refreshing in the morning and the big crocodile also didn’t think of harming him anyway!

Later Mr. Guy Whittall informed the rescuer to take the crocodile into the river again.

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