MS Dhoni smacked 5 sixes in an over of Thissara Perera, CLT20 2013

MS DHoni hits 5 sixesDashing Indian skipper Mahendra Singh Dhoni is known throughout the world for his thunderous batting style. This time Sunriser’s Hyderabad bowlers suffered huge set back as Dhoni hammered them on the way to scoring the fastest fifty in terms of both Champions Trophy and IPL. [Watch Also Video Clip: Musheer Khan- 8 years old boy playing professional cricket]

Dhoni ended up in 63 runs of just 19 balls among which the fifty came in 16 balls. Chennai Super King’s skipper Dhoni flashed 5 sixes in a single over.

The over got started when Pereira bowled the first ball for a wide. Dhoni hit the second ball over the site screen for 92 meters long six! The third ball again went off for another wide. Dhoni took double for in the next ball. The third ball was a full toss and Chennai skipper hit another six over fine leg. The fourth ball flew over the third man. Dhoni hit the fifth and final ball for sixes. Thisara Perera gave away 34 runs in that particular over.

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While talking about his innings, Chennai king delivered much credit to the wicket. He said, “I wanted to hit all the time and it was working. But I’m giving thanks to the pitches. The ground was also quite small so it was easy to hit out of the ground.”