Shakib denies involvement with politics

There was some falseSHakib Al Hasan news published by the media about Shakib Al Hasan being involved with politics. However, Shakib declined these claims and made his statement clear that he is in no way related to politics.

To highlight the evaluation of the Awami League government in the last five years, Prime minister’s son Sajib Wazed Joy, invited ‘successful’ people from various career.

When Joy spoke about Shakib’s cricket success, he addressed him as ‘Shakib bhai’ and also added, “I am a big fan of yours.”

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Shortly after this, a few media started saying that Shakib had joined politics.

Shakib protested this news and said to his fans on twitter, “Let me clear myself….. I am not joining politics and I don’t have any intention to join politics in my life.”

He added, “I was requested by the board president to join the program on behalf of the cricket team and I haven’t said a single word about politics.”

He encouraged his fans not to believe in the media, “So I would request you guys please not to trust our media. I hope I clear myself”