Shakib eyes to New Zealand series

Time flies too fast – when Shakib Al Hasan realized it has been almost a year passed away when he last met with his grandfather. The dear one lost into memories, he will not ever watch him or passes nights listening fairy tales.

Shakib Al Hasan interviewedShakib Al Hasan sighed as he was talking about his grandfather who has made his journey towards eternity – “In my childhood when grandpa told stories to me I used to move his beards. Grandpa told like, dadu one day you will be famous. When you come to Magura people would stand by the roadside to watch you. These were roaming in my mind when I came to see him for the last time.”

“But in this busy world no one can engulfed with his own sorrows. Now I am thinking about the cricket again. I’m thinking about the Premier League and the upcoming New Zealand tour.”- Shakib told.

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He said that it is a great loss not being able to play from the beginning of the Premier League due to finger injury. “This practice would be great help for me before the upcoming New Zealand tour. But I do not make hurries about any injury. To be fully fit from any sort of injury is always the first priority for me. That is why I didn’t play yet. Now I’m hoping that I will be able to participate in the next match.”

Shakib said, “There are still 10-12 days left before the matches against New Zealand. If I will be able to play at least three practice matches I can realize about my fitness condition. I never want to play without full fitness.”

The number one all rounder said he used to get bored at a time playing alone in the counties. This time it was quite enjoyable as his wife Shishir was also there accompanying him. “We used to move here and there in spare times. She also enjoyed the time a lot.” Shakib informed later, “Some people might misunderstand about my staying outside. They thought I like to stay outside rather than Bangladesh. But it is never like that. To me, my country is above everything. Playing for Bangladesh is my top most priority wherever I stay.”