Using of DRS increases

Decision Review SystemThe usage of Decision Review System (DRS) is going to increase though it has been undergone tough criticism in the just completed Ashes series in England. In the last week meeting held in Dubai, International Cricket Council (ICC) has taken the decision that from October 1st, both teams in a match will have the opportunity to review the decisions after every 80 over’s.

According to the earlier rules, every team gets the opportunity to review decisions twice in the whole innings. Now it can be taken after every 80 over’s.

ICC has decided to use ‘Sniko meters’ along with ‘Hot spot’ to make the decision review system more accurate. These systems will be examined properly before using.

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Sniko meter is the technology where the touch of ball in the bat is determined by sound wave and by the Hot spot it is determined by ‘thermal imaging’ camera. DRS specialists expect that the system will be more effective when these two procedures are used accordingly.