Virat Kohli surpassed MS Dhoni

Once upon a time the mega star of Indian Cricket Sachin Tendulkar was the richest among all the sports stars in India. But days have seemed to be subsided. Not many sponsors are chasing after the batting genius now a days.

Virat Kohli rich cricketerAnd Virat Kohli is going to be the new super star leaving behind the India’s captain cool Mahendra Singh Dhoni. Kohli is now earning maximum amount of sponsorship money. Approximately 40 crores of Rupees got stored in his account in previous year and this is seeming to be another 100 this year his bank account is going to be stored.

Among all the sponsors the most prominent is German Sportswear Company Adidas who has finalized the deal with Kohli the day before yesterday. They will give a total 30 crores of sponsorship money in 3 years to the youngster. Apart from that the 25 year old have a contract with a tire manufacturing company from which he earns approximately 6 crores of Rupees per year.

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These two contracts have made Kohli richer than Mahendra Singh Dhoni. Now Kohli has a total of 13 sponsorship contracts in his hand. Among them prominent are – Adidas, Pepsi, Toyota and Synthol.

Marketers of such world class manufacturers are making contract with Virat Kohli considering the new generation craze in India. Kohli might lead India in 2015 World Cup also. Virat Kohli is now regarded more popular than some of the Bollywood stars like Ranbir Kapoor.

Giving his reactions regarding that, Virat Kohli said his concentrations are now in his performance, “I know if do not play well enough, no one will look at me!”