Mushfiqur Rahim is the greatest threat for New Zealand

New Zealand head coach Mike Hesson and Paceman Trent Boult speak to the mediaLast time when New Zealand cricket team visited Bangladesh on 2010 that was not really great. They were ‘Banglawashed’ by 4-0 to Bangladesh. But New Zealand coach Mike Hesson did not want to pay much heed to this. He thinks two years is a long time and a good number of players who played the last series are not in the series and some new faces have been added to the team. The coach believes, “the players who played for the New Zealand ‘A’ are there in the team. Since they’ve played in the Indian and Sri Lankan conditions they’ve sort of experience about the subcontinent conditions. So, although they are young in age they don’t have the lack of experiences. In the coming weeks they will simply share their experiences with others.”

Shakib Al Hasan has always been stated as the greatest threat in the Bangladesh team whoever has got to play against them. But, Hesson feels skipper Mushfiqur Rahim might be the greatest threat for them. He said they have a different plan for the Bangladesh skipper. “ Musffiqur’s performance in the last couple of matches were extraordinary. But he also will feel the pressure of playing well.’ He said. The New Zealand team has played couple of series in sub condition; therefore the fear of playing spin might have lesser. He said, “Before getting in Bangladesh we spent couple of days in Srilanka. So we had sort of experience of being accommodated with the spin. We are conscious but not concerned about the Bangladesh spin. We know, they have couple of good left arm spinners and spinners like Sohag Gazi as well.”

The most visible difference between the current New Zealand team and the team visited last time is experience. To be more specific its Daniel Vettori. Coach Mike Hesson also admitted that the in existence of Vettori has always been affect able on the New Zealand team. ‘The performance of Vettori has always been great against Bangladesh. We are definitely going to miss Vettori, undoubtedly.’ he said. New Zealand team is going to get into the field today without any sort of practice. Although the practice matche which was going to take place today was abandoned because of rain.

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