Nasir Hossain not happy with the wicket

Bangladesh left the fieldNasir Hossain,who has nicknamed himself as ‘Mr Consistent’ , didn’t seem happy during the post match presentation of today. He wasn’t really happy about the pitch for today’s match. He said, “Wicket wasn’t really as I wanted it to be. Ball didn’t turn as it was supposed to do. Therefore, the visitors were at a preferable state from the very beginning. Nevertheless, I believe, the match is within our reach since we could pick up three wickets at the last three hours of the match.”

Nasir Hossain himself picked up two very important wickets of Peter Fulton and Kane Williamson at the 63rd over of the match. His excitement after getting the wicket of Peter Fulton seemed sort of extravagant. His back up answer about that was like, “ the ball in which I got the wicket wasn’t really a great delivery. After the ball was delivered I thought it might be going to hit for a four. But ,since he tried to hit that too hard he got out. That’s why I was so happy.” New Zealand team are aiming at something like 350-400, after hearing it Nasir’s answer was, “they said they want to score something around 350-400, I would say we won’t let them to do it. We would try to wound up their innings as soon as possible on Thursday.”

Nasir Hossain expressed sort of penance about the new wicket, “I hoped there might be a spinning wicket, it didn’t really happen. What will be happened in future is not really clear. But, wicket splits as the day passes. Ball turned a bit during the evening. I hope, it will turn the same way on Thursday as it did at evening.”This dashing all-rounder was not really happy about the way wicket was produced even after knowing New Zealand team would come a long time ago. “It was announced 1 and half hours ago that, New Zealand team will come on October. So, we were sort of hoping that wicket might be turning one. But it didn’t happen. We might be batting tomorrow by folding them out, if it happened. However, we will try to get them all-out by tomorrow morning.” He says.

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