Shakib Al Hasan means to go ahead

Tiger sensation Shakib Al Hasan had a conversation with Utpsl Shuvro in hotel Agrabad prior to the test match. The congested part of it is given for the visitors of

Shakib AL Hasan celebrates a big wicket of Kane WilliamsonUtpal Shuvro: You were the ‘hero’ of ‘Banglawash’.  Remembering those memories?

Shakib Al Hasan: To be honest, I cannot remember now exactly what I did in the last series against New Zealand; I’m honestly speaking, whether you believe it or not. The only thing I can remember about that is the last match Rubel won for us.

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Shuvro: We don’t believe really. A 4 nil series win seems unbelievable till now….

Shakib: Well, first of all we wished that if we could win two of the matches in a five match series. We won the first match than the second one. And rain washed out the third. We became confident enough that we hadn’t any chance to lose now and we could be the series winner… so we won. They were so scattered in the last match that we white washed them.

Shuvro: You scored your first test century against New Zealand.

Shakib: Not only that, I took my first five wicket haul against them.

Shuvro: Yea, the world come to know Shakib when he took 7/36 in 2008 against the kiwis.

Shakib: These things always provide extra self – confidence. If I could do at that time, why not now? But after all everything is new, a new match – a new beginning.

Shuvro: Chittagong is a special venue for you. You made your debut here apart from all other success.

Shakib: Every time I played in Ctg, my bowling was good enough. But I did well in Dhaka also.

Shuvro: You haven’t had any special feeling about your first test venue?

Shakib: Actually I haven’t those kinds of feelings. I feel peace whenever I got down in Mirpur stadium, not others.

Shuvro: Don’t you remember the first morning when you were going to be in the field for Bangladesh for the very first test?

Shakib: I cannot remember anything, the players with whom I played, nothing.

Shuvro: Is it spontaneous or the theme of your success? You don’t show anything in a large way?

Shakib: I don’t know it really. To me, it is useless to think about the past. What have gone is gone. We should think about what is going to happen in future.

Shuvro: Well than tell us your opinion about this series against NZ?

Shakib: I am really hopeful that we can win a test here. If we will be able to win a single test it would not be possible for them to win the series. Now if we can win the first test and draw the second, we will be the winner, it is possible indeed.

Shuvro: The one day series?

Shakib: the time is yet to come. Many things will depend upon the first test. If we will do well in this test, we shall gain a lot of confidence for the rest.

Shuvro: What could be the determinant about the first test?

Shakib: Lot will depend upon the performances of our spinners. If we could bat well enough, it is possible to score up to five to six hundred runs.

Shuvro: Is it at all possible to score six hundred runs?

Shakib: Yes, in two innings. I think six hundred plus runs are a winning total. I believe our batsmen can do it. And to grab twenty wickets in a test match is the responsibility of our spinners.

Shuvro: To you who is the biggest threat from the kiwi team?

Shakib: No single player can make the team win. Whenever a team wins there are two or more players in the sight who contribute in that occasion.

Shuvro: Do you miss Vettori? You had a special competition with him.

Shakib: Why I should miss him! His absence is a plus point for Bangladesh! He was a big performer against us. We should utilize this advantage.