Some greatest quotes of the cricket arena

Cricket has always been the kind of sport that has entertained the fans with its cricketing penchant as well as provided some recreations which were not related to real cricket but those were done by the real cricketers. Here we have tried to introduce you with some entertaining and exotic quotes from some cricketing icons-


  • “They couldn’t fix the Duckworth-Lewis problem in 15 years, what guarantee do we have about an error-free DRS?”

–        BCCI Chief Jogmohon Dalmian trying to rationalize the claim of no need of DRS

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  • “I had to appeal but it was truly embarrassing, worse than dropping a catch at slip”

–       Graeme Swann on the full toss that got Chris Rogers lbw at Lord’s

  • “The batting average was around 4 for a while, which was not completely ridiculous.”

–       New Zealand quick Chris Martin brings out the stats to dispel the myths about his batting

  • “God is not coming to save us “

-MS Dhoni‘s advice to the team after India put up a below-par total batting first in the Champions Trophy final

  •  “Admitting to being a Tory in Scotland is seen as weird, like cross-dressing or liking cricket.”

-The plight of Scottish cricket fans, as explained by Fraser Nelson, the editor of      the Spectator, to members at the Conservative Party Conference

  • “I think the call of nature might have come once or twice but it was nothing untoward”

-Graeme Swann is oblique about allegations that England players urinated on the Oval  pitch during their celebrations