Tamim Iqbal in the record book

Tamim Iqbal created recordDhaka Premier League was recognized as a ‘list A’ tournament once again. This season the players are in a competition to enter the record book for this format. Firstly, Mominul Haque and Roshane Silva created a world record in the fourth wicket partnership. This time Tamim did not make a world record, but managed to write his name in the record book. Today Tamim had smacked 32 runs from Sikandar Raza’s over in Fotullah. This gave him the record of fourth highest runs collected in a single over in ‘List A’ matches.

Zimbabwean bowler Sikandar Raza’s over was the 18th over of the innings. The first and last three balls of the over were smacked off for sixes by Tamim. The second and third ball went for boundaries. Before the fourth ball was a wide which added an extra run in the over. It summed up to 33 runs. The over will therefore look like this: – 6,4,4,1,6,6,6!

Tamim said, “At that time we were chasing the runs properly. If we would get a big over then it would be much easier to chase it down.  Therefore I targeted Sikandar Raza’s over. The first three balls connected with the bat properly and this created a pressure on him. I just played it cautiously.”

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Tamim was close to his second century in DPL after this demolishing innings. He was very close to his century. He made his 50 runs from 47 balls, but added 46 runs to his innings from the next 16 balls. There was not enough run for them to chase in order for Tamim to reach century. He was undefeated at 95 runs. However, Tamim does not have any regret with it.

Tamim explained his reason for not feeling sorry, “Century was not actually possible. The aggressive batting at the end took me close to the century. If we had more runs to collect and then I would get out, it would be regrettable. Now there is no reason to feel regretful.”