Zohur Ahmed Chowdhury Stadium in great shape

“How come something like this could happen that, rain for one day make the play stops for 2 days”, the expression of Daren Sammy was sort of like that after the match been stopped for two days during the BangladeshWest Indies test series in 2011. It gave birth of loads of whispers around the cricket world, why in the earth ICC has allowed the Zohur Ahmed Stadium in Chittagong to play test match in! Many was prank fully saying that the ground was not even suitable to play something like ‘ha-du-du.’ However, it seems like the Zohur Ahmed Stadium is going to wipe out the taint on it this time.

The stadium has been recreated adding modern water drainage system and with 7 newly prepared wickets. After the series against West Indies tigers played a series against Pakistan that year in December. Then it was all about renovation. After the series against Pakistan there had not been any match played in the ground. The series against New Zealand is going to be the inaugurating match for the newly shaped  ZSCS .

During the renovation the ground was excavated for 2 feets. The ground has been made at least 28 inches deeper than the previous time by putting sand, brick layer, filter pipe and geotech in different layers. Nevertheless, the grounds man Jahid Reza Babu feels that, rain and drastic tendance will make the ground shallower. He tells, “This ground currently has one of the very best water drainage systems in Bangladesh. Even if it rains for all day long it will be possible to play the match at due time in the morning next day. Even if the rains starts during the match play it will be possible to get the game on how heavy the rain might be. The water drainage system here has been no way less effective than that of the Abu Naser Stadium in Khulna.”

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