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BCB boss discloses why he didn’t support India in ICC meeting


BCB boss discloses reason not to support India

Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) President Nazmul Hasan Papon, upon his return to Dhaka from the ICC meeting in Dubai, talked with the journalists on Friday, and disclosed why he had not supported the BCCI’s objections to the proposed revenue model regarding over financial and governance issues as BCCI lost both comprehensively. [বাংলায় পড়ুনঃ যে কারণে আইসিসিতে ভারতকে ছাড় দেয়নি বাংলাদেশ]

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Papon said said he could not support his board getting less money. He was hopeful, however, of a new formula being worked out.

India had concerns only with the financial aspect. We supported India in everything. I went to India and supported them all the time. But if Bangladesh are to get more money, I can’t say no to this. But the biggest thing I feel personally is that India or BCCI, they didn’t have any problem with us getting more money,” Papon explained.

“They are trying to come up with a new formula, there is still time till June, but still, if they can give us a proposal that is agreeable till June, we’ll agree. We used to get $76m. Now, we are going to get $132m, $16.5m per year. This is a big thing for Bangladesh. [Read also: Narine tops among all batsmen]

“There is no reason for us to move from this. But if they can increase their money then we will agree to that. And I feel India will do that. They will come up with a new formula so that we can all agree to this,” he added

The BCB boss also pointed out that the instability in the BCCI’s governance structure was also hampering the Indian board’s discussions with the ICC.

“I think it is more of an ego issue. They have an interim board running at the moment,” Hassan said. “They have different people coming to the ICC meeting. We saw someone in the last meeting who was appointed by their Supreme Court, and this time we saw someone else, BCCI’s joint secretary.

“There’s no continuity, and it is hard to deal with a new person every few months. If someone comes to the ICC meeting and agrees with us, he will be blamed for agreeing to a lesser amount. So I don’t think anyone wants to take this responsibility. I am hopeful that soon, we will be able to come to an agreement.”


– Jannatul Naym Pieal, Correspondent,

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