The confident and courageous Miraz

the confident and courageous miraz


Mehedi Hasan Miraz‘s international career is still very young. But that doesn’t distract Naimur Rahman Durjoy, the former captain of Bangladesh cricket team and now a director of Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB), from the fact that a great future lies ahead for the 20-year-old all-rounder.

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“Miraz has overall played only 10 or 11 matches in international cricket. We haven’t yet seen much of him. It’s quite difficult to comment on someone so quickly. But then again, morning shows the day. And the much we have seen of him, it’s evident that Miraz has all the potential,” wrote Durjoy in his column in the Prothom Alo.

“Miraz is an extremely talented cricketer. Otherwise it wouldn’t be possible for him to do so well on the highest level in such a young age. But there’s always a tough challenge for the spinners, they have to give tests very often. They always need to keep looking for versatality in their bowling. We can call a spinner succesful only if he can proceed for a really long period on the highest level. Miraz too will have to go through these tests. So far so good, but his mettle will be proved only when he will be playing for long. And then we can talk about what we have got from him,” explained the former cricketer.

According to Durjoy, confidence is the biggest asset that Miraz possesses. “From what I know and see, Miraz is a confident man. And as far as I am concerned, this is his biggest asset of them all. All the rules and regulations of today’s age favor the batsmen. So it’s tough for the bowlers to survive without having confidence. [Read also: Pakistan afraid of facing Bangladesh]

“It’s good to see that Miraz has enough of that confidence. And it will help him prolong his career as an international cricketer. I saw during the India tour that he went to Ravichandran Ashwin all by himself and talked to him. I liked this approach. This is a really good sign. Having the bravery to approach someone and take suggestions from him is what every cricketer needs to do to get better. I have seen this quality in Mohammad Rafique, Dulu bhai. They used to approach to the foreign cricketers. This thing didn’t hamper their performance, rather it helped them big way. And now Miraz is also doing this, because he is confident. This habit will help him in his personal life as well.”

Batting is believed as another strong point of Miraz. “Miraz has some extra benefit because he can bat as well. If he can bring improvement to his batting, then there’s the possibility for him to be a very good all-rounder. Of course he may be played in the national team as an off-spin specialist, but there’s no harm in being good at battimg as well.

“Let me say this again, Mehedi Hasan Miraz’s biggest strength is his confidence, his courage. And he also has spin-magic in his hands. Probably it’s not the right time to say this, but I am quite optimistic that this confidence, and this courage will take him a long way. Perhaps to somewhere we can’t even imagine today,” Durjoy concluded.


– Jannatul Naym Pieal, Correspondent,