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‘We don’t want to visit Bangladesh for third time in a row’, says PCB Chairman

It’s been a long time schedule that Pakistan will tour to Bangladesh on coming July-August for playing 2 Tests, 3 ODIs and a single Twenty20I. But the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has called the tour off on Wednesday.

When PCB Chairman Shahryar Khan was asked about the reason behind such kind of decision, he said, “We do not want to come to Bangladesh for the third time in a row. We wanted Bangladesh to come to Pakistan. But it did not happen. Pakistan has visited Bangladesh twice earlier, so we do not want to go anymore.”

However, Shahryar Khan, optimistic about their future tour to Bangladesh although not for this year, also added, “The tour has been postponed indefinitely with the consent of the two parties. Let’s see what will happen in the year to come.”

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Pakistan Cricket team is not going to Bangladesh tour this year, announced by Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) on Wednesday. Bangladesh last toured Pakistan way back in 2007-08 season. After that Pakistan came to Bangladesh in 2011-2012 and in 2015.

During the period of last two years, Sri Lanka, West Indies and the Ireland Cricket teams also disagreed to visit Pakistan.

Nazmul Islam Sharkar 

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