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Female cricketers to get BDT 600 per match



Till last year’s National Cricket League, Bangladeshi women cricketers used to get BDT 500 per match. The match fee has been increased by BDT 100, and from now on the women cricketers will get BDT 600 per match. Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB)’s Women’s Wing Chairman M.A. Awal Chowdhury Bulu informed the news on Saturday (April 29). [বাংলায় পড়ুনঃ নারী ক্রিকেটারদের অপমানজনক ম্যাচ ফি বৃদ্ধি]

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Only BDT 600 per match at today’s age! How can that be even possible? Quite naturally, Bangladesh women’s cricket team’s captain Rumana Ahmed was very disappointed, and she remorsefully said, “The amount is very little. It’s very disappointing. We feel humiliated at this.”

Awal Chowdhury Bulu too seemed to be embarrassed with it, as he said: “Sponsors come up with millions in men’s cricket, but when it comes to women’s cricket, they don’t want to give away anything at all. We tried a lot to bring in some specific sponsors, but we failed.”

The payment for the women cricketers is also very low, Currently 17 women cricketers are contracted with BCB, and according to their respective grades, they get BDT 30,000, BDT 20,000 and BDT 10,000 respectively.

Earlier a few days ago, male cricketers of Bangladesh had seen a huge hike in their payment. When raised the issue on Friday during a press conference that why the payment of female cricketers has not been increased, BCB president Nazmul Hasan Papon said they had ‘forgotten’ to do anything with female cricketers.


– Jannatul Naym Pieal, Correspondent,

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