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India has right not to play in Champions Trophy, says Gavaskar

The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) has been completely defeated during the recently concluded International Cricket Council (ICC) meeting. The Indian team did not get anybody to support them in the ICC meeting.

The defending champion of this tournament has not yet announced their official opinion to play in the Champions Trophy starting on coming June.

Although various criticisms are floating around, the board has received the support of former captain Sunil Gavaskar beside them. India has not announced their squad yet even after the end of April.

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A source of the board said that they will make a special meeting on May 7 where it will be decided whether India will participate or not in the Champions Trophy.

However, according to Gavaskar, India has the right not to participate in the Champions Trophy. Reminding about an agreement from 2014, a team will be able to remove themselves from the Champions Trophy for their own advantages or disadvantages.

Gavaskar said in a television channel in India, “If they adhere strictly to that book, then it has been said about the tournament of 2014, India will have the right not to participate. I think no one have the right to ignore that agreement.”

The BCCI is now divided into two parts in the subject of India’s participation in the Champions Trophy.
Some of the board members want to announce the Champions Trophy squad as soon as possible.

A senior BCCI member told to the Hindustan Times, “We shall do SGM (special meeting). But members think that the Champions Trophy squad should be announced first.”

On the other hand other part of BCCI wants to withdraw from the tournament to create pressure on ICC.

Nazmul Islam Sharkar 

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