‘Now I can die in peace’ voices one of Mushfiqur’s fan after meeting him

'Now I can die in peace' voices one of Mushfiqur's fan after meeting him

A gatekeeper who has been in duty in the neighboring gate of Mushfiqur Rahim, is a big fan of Bangladesh star batsman. In his many years of duty, the poor sentry could not get to notice from where to the Tiger Test captain comes and goes.

Several days ago when he had stroked the marking, the gatekeeper requested Mushfiqur’s uncle to let him meet with the national team star.

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On hearing the incident, Mushfiqur Rahim invited him into his residence. The ardent felt so much blessed to meet Mushfiq and said, “My life is now full and he also said that by seeing me live he can now die in peace.”

Mushfiqur wrote in social media about the happening. According to his post he wrote, “He had requested to my uncle to meet me once. When I offered him some food his hand was shaking and even when I was talking to him he couldn’t talk with me properly. Moreover my uncle requested him to take a snap with me and he said that no need sir, my life is now full and he also said that by seeing me live he can now die in peace.”

Mushfiqur Rahim was tremendously inspired from these die heart fans of Bangladesh cricket, continued writing, “There are millions of people like him who loves the cricketers like anything and we are able to perform because of their blessings. First of all thanks and Alhamdulillah to Almighty for giving us this opportunity to represent our country and this respect.”

“It means a lot to me and my dearest respect to these people who earn very little money but never miss a game or never forget to bless us whether we do well or not. These people are my inspiration and In sha Allah we will try to perform better so that their smile remains always like this.”

Nazmul Islam Sharkar 

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