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Seasonal storm causes huge damages in Sylhet stadium

Seasonal storm causes huge damages in Sylhet stadiumAbout one-third of the glass infrastructure of the Sylhet International Cricket Stadium has been broken during the severe seasonal storm last week.

Divisional Sports Association’s general secretary Shafiul Alam Chowdhury Nadel said on April 28, Friday night about the proportion of the damage.

He said, “Half of the glasses of the president’s box has been broken. Apart from this, hospitality boxes and media boxes also suffered huge losses. About one-third of the glass infrastructure has been damaged. Many chairs are broken. The glass structure was broken during storm and other furniture has been destroyed by rain water.”

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“To determine the amount of damage, a team of National Sports Council and Cricket Board from Dhaka has left for Sylhet”, he added.

After the establishment of the stadium in 2007, about 120 crore taka was spent for renovation in 2013. After the inauguration by the honorable Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on February 28, 2014, T-TwentyI World Cup was held in that year at the stadium.

Nazmul Islam Sharkar 

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