A dead parrot drives Kiwi pacer in despair, ends up in high punishment!

A dead parrot drives Kiwi pacer mad, ends up in high punishment! 26 year old New Zealand fast bowler Doug Bracewell has been sentenced to 100 hours of community service after pleading guilty of driving in unsound conditions drinking heavily. The Kiwi pacer lost his mind after dogs ate his pet parrot.

Bracewell drove to home when his partner called him to inform about the sad incident of ‘cockatoo’ (the pet parrot) which was killed by a herd of dogs.

“The cockatoo was some of significance to his partner and she was quite distraught” – Ron Mansfield, the lawyer of Doug Bracewell said.

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“This was no – one’s fault but by own. I’m deeply embarrassed to let down so many people – be they family, friends or cricket lovers” – Bracewell said. This is, however, the third incident in ten years for Bracewell to drive madly.

Bracewell, who is the owner of 72 Test wickets, could have faced two years in jail for the incident.

Judge Bridget Mackintosh noted Bracewell’s alcohol reading was relatively high. In 2014, Bracewell was suspended for one Test after going on a drinking spree with Jesse Ryder.