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Aussie cricketers threaten strike over new pay – roll issue

ACA unmoved to CA proposal, Aussie cricketers threaten strike Professional Australian cricketers have threatened the board of a pull-out from the Ashes after the negotiation process between Australian Cricketers Union (ACU) and Cricket Australia (CA) fall apart over the proposed remuneration. [বাংলায় পড়ুনঃ অ্যাশেজ বর্জনের হুমকি স্মিথ-ওয়ার্নারদের]

Mentioning the newly proposed term as ‘a win for cricket administrators but a loss for cricket’, professional Aussie cricketers rejected the pay offer earlier.

According to the proposal of CA, some twenty year old model of providing a fixed percentage revenue of the game to the cricketers have been broken down although there are offers of salary increase.

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Australian Cricketers’ Association head Alistair Nicholson has refused to back down from his previously imposed position.

On the other hand, Cricket Australia board member and former national team captain Mark Taylor said, “The board and CA in general have been frustrated by the fact there has been no negotiation. I had players say to me in January of this year we could well be on strike by July. This is before this MOU was presented.”

The former national team captain Mark Taylor questioned the commercial viability of the board over the revenue sharing issue; he said, “It doesn’t make business sense for Cricket Australia. Every time you make money you have to give away a certain percentage of it. The costs of revenue is going up in sport all the time, every sport will say that.”

“This could be a win – win. Both sides have to be negotiable, Cricket Australia has said right from the word to go there is our deal. There has been no discussion or any negotiation on the detail of that deal” – Taylor told.

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