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Bangladesh improves rating points in T20I Rankings

Bangladesh improves rating points in T20I Rankings
After the annual update, International Cricket Council (ICC) has announced the latest T20I rankings on Tuesday. In the newly published ICC T20I Rankings, Bangladesh is in an improved status having 4 more rating points. [বাংলায় পড়ুনঃ টি-টোয়েন্টি রেটিংয়ে বাংলাদেশের উন্নতি]

Despite the added points, Bangladesh is still in the tenth position of ICC T20I rankings.

Meanwhile Black caps lost two rating points but still holding the top position with 125 rating points. England and Pakistan have improved significantly.

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After the recent update, England gained 7 points and Pakistan got 5 points which led them towards second and third position in the point table respectively.

Newly published ICC T20I Rankings
Newly published ICC T20I Rankings

In the meantime, India and South Africa have lost their positions. By losing 6 points, India has been slipped to fourth position and South Africa has been degraded two steps below, is standing in fifth position.

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In spite of not gaining any points in the annual update, Australia’s position is improved. The Aussies are now next to South Africa with 111 points (one point less than South Africa).

West Indies are slipped to seventh position. While, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan and Bangladesh are remained constant in their earlier positions.

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