Bangladesh to have better facilities in dressing room

After a rain washed match  against Ireland in the first match of the tri-nation series, the Bangladeshi Tigers are ready to take on the Black caps. The match is scheduled to be played tomorrow at 3:45 PM (BDT).

Although the weather of Ireland is very unpredictable, no sort of clouds are seen in the sky till then. The temperature is about 17-18 degree celsius in Dublin and there is no complain about the ground and wicket from the Bangladesh team. But there is a lack of facilities in the dressing room.

”There was no Television in the dressing room in the match against Ireland. The locals said, they are not used to of arranging international mathes that much here in this ground,” Jalal Younis told the jagonews24 reporter.

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But the matter of relief before the match against New Zealand, is Bangladesh will have necessary facilities in the upcoming matches and the local authority have assured of that.

“They will arrange televisions and other necessary facilities for the guest teams in the upcoming matches,” said Bangladesh team manager Jalal Younus.

Team manager Jalal Younis has also informed that Bangladesh team are safe and sound before their second match against New Zealand in 17 May, ”By the grace of Allah all the players are well and there is no sort of injuries till now. Everyone is healthy and fit.”

However, there is no practice session for the Tigers before the match in May 17. But the players have spent a long time in the gym today.