English batsmen to bat with micro-chipped bats

English batsmen to use micro - chipped bats So with the advancement of technologies, reasoning comes closer and closer. Frustrated about batting form? Trying to scrutinize the reasons behind the off form? – Here is the solution, a batsman has to look down as far as his bat handle!

Jason Roy is one of the three English cricketers who have signed up to have microchips on their bat which will analyze bat speed through the stroke and at impact, angle of back-lift and follow through, and the time between back lift and hitting the ball.

The microchip weights 25 gram and sits in a rubber cup that covers the top of the bat.

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Ben Stokes and Alex Hales are other English cricketers who have agreed to go under the process.

Designed by Intel, the technology will be used in the Champions Trophy and is a part of the plan of adjusting wearable technologies in cricket in longer term.

Named as ‘Batsense’ the units will cost around USD 150 per chip, along with an app download on a phone, the chip will relay information on their bat and also take video of each stroke on the net.

Former English skipper Nasser Hussain, highly appreciated the new tool said, “As a coaching tool, it’s absolutely vital. Take Jason Roy, struggling a little bit at the moment. Say this technology had been in place for two or three years, he could have a net tomorrow at the Oval, play normally and take the data from two years ago and say, ‘Is everything I’m doing with my bat exactly the same it was?’

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